A pharmacy
     nothing like
a pharmacy.
Prescription delivery,
smart refills, and love.
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Capsule is effortless

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Send refills or new prescriptions

We fill new and existing prescriptions. Click here to make Capsule your pharmacy.


We deliver directly to your door

We'll text you to schedule your free delivery anywhere in New York City within 2 hours.

Forever & Always

Never worry about your meds again

We'll coordinate refills with your doctor and copays with your insurance company.

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Who we are
A pharmacy nothing like a pharmacy
Never wait in line at the pharmacy.
We bring your medications to your door.
Never talk to a voicemail autobot. Text, call,
email, or chat your pharmacist whenever is convenient.
Never worry about refills.
We keep track so you don't have to.
Never speak to an insurance company again.
We coordinate with your doctor and insurance for you.
Doctors love Capsule

Thousands of NYC doctors
prefer prescribing to Capsule